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Left pic is Metridium Anemones at 50 feet - Right pic is the 'Big Giant Pipe" at about 20 feet deep.


San Carlos Beach is a sandy beach with a gradually sloping bottom. The depths in close are very shallow and gradually drop to an average depth of 40 feet or so. Enter on the West (left) side of San Carlos Beach, just slightly to the right of the "sculpture" in the concrete block house. A stairway and a ramp in front of the parking lot make this a very easy access dive site.

The "Big Giant Pipe" shown in the pic above is a great navigation aid. To find the area I refer to as "The Metridium Fields", I recommend swimming straight out from the beach for about 100 yards or so and descending in about 30 feet of water. From that point I normally take a compass heading of approximately 330 magnetic. You will cross 5 or 6 old pipes from Cannery Row which are in the 10 to 12 inch size. Keep on going until you run into a very large pipe over 30 inches in diameter. Follow this pipe which heads out at 30 degrees magnetic. You will soon hit depths over 45 feet or so, and the pipe will abruptly end. At this point take a compass heading of due North and in about 2 minutes or so you will be at the Metridium Fields. Please be advised that about 100 yards of the pipe is almost completely covered in sand, but it is still very easy to spot due to its diameter.

Metridium Anemones are common from Washington to Central California. They look like a plant, but they are actually an animal - PLEASE LOOK, BUT DO NOT TOUCH. They can grow upwards of three feet tall and are a beautiful animal. They generally live in clusters on rocks, and on a clear day they are a very beautiful sight to behold.

To get to San Carlos Beach take Hwy. 101 to the Monterey Peninsula exit and on to highway 1 and past Fort Ord. Take the Del Monte / Pacific Grove Exit. You will now be on Del Monte Avenue. Stay on Del Monte Avenue for approximately 1 mile. After you pass McDonalds on your left you will come to a large controlled intersection called Washington. Take a half right at this intersection and go down into the tunnel and immediately get into the right hand lane and stay there. When you exit the tunnel veer to the right and you will automatically be on Foam Street. Turn right at the second signal light at Reeside Street and you will see the entrance to San Carlos Beach down the street and on your right.

The decision to dive (or not) is your responsibility. Keep diving activities within your training and comfort level. If you feel more training or experience is needed before attempting a dive, don't dive. Know personal limits, skill levels, and abilities of yourself and your dive buddy. Dive Safely and Dive Often!

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